2nd Runner Up at International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 2023

I’m thrilled to share that I won the 2nd runner-up award for my poster presentation at the recent International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 2023 (ICMERE 2023).

The conference hosted a dedicated poster session where over 150 research posters were on display. Authors were given the opportunity to discuss their work directly with delegates and answer questions. My poster titled “Optimization of a Sustainable Wheel for Enhanced Maneuverability and Power Generation” provided a detailed overview of my hypothesis research applying the principles of topological optimization.

At the conclusion of the session, a panel of judges evaluated each poster based on criteria such as visual design and layout, technical content, presentation skills, and the ability to effectively communicate research significance. I’m honored that my poster was selected among the top 3 out of the large pool of impressive submissions.

Winning this award has boosted my confidence as an early-career researcher. It serves as validation of my skills in visual storytelling, public speaking, and passion for the subject matter. The positive feedback from judges and engaged conference attendees has motivated me to continue pursuing innovative work at the intersection of engineering and biology.

This experience reinforced how conferences provide an excellent forum to advance my academic network. I’m grateful for the opportunity ICMERE 2023 offered, and I plan to present and publish more research internationally in the future.

2nd Prize at 1st National Research Fair 2023, Bangladesh

I had the opportunity to participate in a poster competition organized by CUET on 28th August, 2023. Total 184 authors submitted their posters for the initial selection round. Out of them, posters of 50% authors or around 92 posters were shortlisted for the final day physical presentation. On the day of the event, around 89 authors including myself presented our posters to an esteemed panel of judges. The judging criteria included aspects like quality of data projection, authenticity of data presented, presentation skills of the authors, arrangement of poster and quality of abstract.

The full day program was scheduled from 8:30 AM to 6 PM. It started with all the shortlisted authors putting up their posters at the allocated spaces. Throughout the day, the authors explained their posters to many visitors and the judges who came around. At 6 PM, the event culminated in a prize distribution ceremony where the top 3 positions were announced.

I am delighted to share that I was awarded the 2nd Position for my poster. My poster was developed based on a research paper titled “Driving Simulators: Paving the way to a Safer Smart Bangladesh” which was published in a Q1 journal. Both the visitors and judges greatly appreciated the ideas presented in my poster. The judges also suggested that I should consider developing this concept into a start-up which was an encouraging feedback.

It was a memorable learning experience for me to participate in this prestigious poster competition. I am thankful to CUET for organizing such an informative event which also provided a platform to showcase our research work. Winning the 2nd position further boosted my confidence and motivation for future research endeavors. Alhamdulillah!!!

Best Start-Up Space Awarded by State Minster (ICT Division) Junaid Ahmed Palak, MP 

It gives me great pleasure to share that our start-up won the Best Start-Up Spaceaward at the Sheikh Kamal IT Business Incubator located in CUET. This prestigious award was presented by the Bangladesh State Minister for ICT Division, Honourable Junaid Ahmed Palak, MP on 28th August, 2023.

Our start-up had been working out of the incubator space for over 2 years where we were developing our product and conducting market research with the support of mentors and facilities provided. The incubator follows a structured program to nurture innovative start-up ideas into successful businesses. 

We had worked tirelessly on our idea of (idea/product) which aims to (problem it solves). Throughout our incubation period, we continuously refined our prototype, business model and go-to-market strategy based on feedback from pilots and potential customers. The incubator helped us network with industry experts, facilitated access to labs and provided subsidized operational costs.

On the award ceremony day, various start-ups incubated at the facility presented their progress and achievements so far. An esteemed panel of judges evaluated each start-up based on parameters like product development, commercialization efforts, fund raising etc. I feel highly honored that our diligent efforts were recognized as the ‘Best Start-Up Space’ among other promising ventures.  

Receiving this award and appreciation from the State Minister will surely boost our confidence and motivate us to work even harder. We are grateful to Sheikh Kamal IT Business Incubator and CUET for providing the ideal launchpad. This award will open more doors for our start-up and help us on our entrepreneurial journey.

Token of Appreciation

Founder of CUET Automotive and Mobility Society

I am delighted to share that I was the Founder of CUET Automotive and Mobility Society during the 2021-2022 academic term and will be playing the role for the rest of the time. The society was established with the aim to promote research and development in the areas of automotive engineering, electric vehicles, transport planning and smart mobility solutions.

As the founder, my key responsibilities included registering the society, developing the constitution and bylaws, recruiting an executive committee and organizing the first set of events and programs. It was exciting to build everything from the ground up and gain recognition as an official platform under CUET. During my term as the founder, we successfully conducted several awareness sessions, technical workshops and industry exposure trips. We also published newsletter covering innovations happening globally in automotive and mobility domains. The society gained a strong foothold within a short span with over 350 registered members.

At the end of my tenure, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a ‘Token of Appreciation‘ from the newly elected executive committee for my efforts in establishing the society and setting the foundation for its growth. It was a proud moment and recognition of the hard work that went into building the Automotive and Mobility Society from scratch. This experience has taught me valuable leadership and organizational skills. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing my support to promote academic activities of the society in future as well.