Internship & Leadership

Internship Details

Internship at Unilever Bangladesh

From April 12 to May 5, 2023, I completed a 4-week internship as a Supply Chain Internee at the Tongi Factory of Unilever Bangladesh. I was mentored by Newaz Kabir, the senior manufacturing manager of 3P operations.

My responsibilities included supporting the 3P team in areas such as production planning, vendor management, inventory tracking and ensuring smooth material flow. I assisted with procurement activities, logistics coordination and quality audits of incoming supplies.

Mr. Kabir & his team (Mr. Tanzim Khalid, Mr. Nissan, Mr. Naquib, Mr. Sajid and Mrs. Nowrin Shahriar ) dedicated time each week to review my work and provide constructive feedback. Through him, I gained meaningful insights into the day-to-day functioning of a manufacturing unit and the various supply chain decisions required to drive operational efficiency. Beyond enhancing my technical skills, this internship experience strengthened my communication, problem-solving and time-management abilities. I also received exposure to Unilever’s emphasis on safety, sustainability and people development practices.

I’m grateful to Mr. Kabir & his team for imparting invaluable industry knowledge and mentoring me during my time at Unilever Bangladesh. This internship reinforced my career aspirations in supply chain management. I appreciate the opportunity given by Unilever to apply classroom learning in a real work setting.


I completed a 2-week internship at Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC in their Compressor unit production management department from April 18-May 2, 2022. 

During the internship, I assisted the production managers with planning, scheduling, material procurement, quality control and inventory tracking. I gained experience implementing strategies to optimize efficiency and meet targets. My daily tasks involved checking schedules, preparing work orders, conducting inspections and compiling reports. Shadowing the managers provided valuable insights into coordinating the entire production process.

This hands-on experience applying classroom concepts to a real manufacturing environment reinforced my interest in production/supply chain careers. Interacting with different teams also improved my communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. I’m thankful to Walton Hi-Tech for the opportunity. The knowledge and skills gained will help me in my future studies and career pursuits in operations or project management roles. It was a rewarding learning experience made possible by the support of the staff.

Leadership Experience

Class Representative [ Batch – 2018]
Department of Mechanical Engineering, CUET   
Time Span – February 2019- July 2023 [1614 days]
Proudly Representing My Class at CUET

From February 2019 to July 2023, spanning over five years, I served proudly as the Class Representative for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), Batch of 2018. In this democratically elected position of student leadership, I strongly advocated for the interests of my classmates and strived to effectively represent their diverse needs, voices and concerns to the faculty and administration.

Some of my key responsibilities in this representative role included serving as the liaison between 125 students in my batch and the department faculty. I played an instrumental part in facilitating open communication channels and working to resolve any issues raised by my peers in a fair and constructive manner. Additionally, I was the main point of contact for all class-related announcements and matters, from exam schedules to extracurricular opportunities.

During my tenure, I initiated and led several programs and activities aimed at enriching the student experience. This included setting up an active online class forum to strengthen fellowship among a cohort that spent extensive time together on campus. I also organized highly popular monthly technical workshops featuring industry leaders and advising sessions with accomplished alumni. Furthermore, I established mentorship programs pairing senior students with juniors to aid their transition and coordinated fundraising drives for community service projects.

Beyond directly representing my class, I served as an elected member on multiple departmental committees focused on events planning, facility improvements, industry collaborations and career guidance. These roles provided valuable hands-on experience in team management, effective communication and resolving conflicts. Overall, serving over four years in this prestigious leadership position taught me invaluable lifelong lessons about leadership, responsibility, organization and respecting diversity of views – invaluable preparation for future endeavors.

College Captain [January 2017- March 2018]
School Captain [February 2015- March 2016]

Bangladesh Navy School and College

Leadership Journey at Bangladesh Navy School & College

I have had the privilege of serving in leadership roles at Bangladesh Navy School & College over the past few years. In academic year 2015-2016, I was selected as the School Captain. Two years later, I took on the role of College Captain for academic year 2017-2018.

As School Captain, I coordinated various co-curricular activities and led by example to motivate younger cadets. Some of my responsibilities included overseeing discipline, organizing cultural programs and representing the school at inter-school debates and sports meets.

When I progressed to college, I was entrusted with greater responsibilities as College Captain. I coordinated all student bodies and committees. Some key initiatives I led were fundraising for charity, hosting alumni networking events and planning the annual college day celebration.

In both roles, I strived to be approachable, responsible and bridge communication between students and administration. I gained valuable experience in consensus building, public speaking, time management and acting with integrity under pressure.

Serving the Bangladesh Navy institution in leadership capacities has been an honor and privileged learning experience. It has reinforced my desire to one day serve the nation as a naval officer upholding the finest traditions of courage, discipline and service to humanity.

I am thankful for the opportunities and guidance provided by the school and teachers over the years to help nurture my potential as a leader.

Organizer at ICMERE 2023​

I gained invaluable project management and organizational experience by serving as a student organizer for the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy 2023 (ICMERE 2023). In this role, I was responsible for assisting the conference chair, Professor Dr. Suman Chakrabraty, in overseeing the entire planning and execution of the conference, from the initial preparatory stages through the post-event activities.


Some of my key responsibilities included processing over 300 registration submissions from researchers, academics, and industry professionals from 5 different countries. I worked diligently with the technical program committee to compile over 200 paper submissions, ensuring they adhered to formatting guidelines and anonymizing them before distributing them to reviewers. Furthermore, I closely coordinated with committee members and track chairs to plan the schedule for 20 parallel sessions spanning the conference’s 14 technical tracks over the two days. My efforts also encompassed overseeing crucial on-site logistics such as signage, catering arrangements, AV equipment setup and troubleshooting, attendee directions, and support.


Organizing a conference of ICMERE 2023’s magnitude, with its broad international reach and engagement, allowed me to greatly enhance my project coordination capabilities while also expanding my professional network within the fields of mechanical and renewable energy engineering on a global scale. It provided me with invaluable exposure to diverse aspects of event planning and management, from initial invitation and registration processes to final post-event reporting. This truly enriching leadership experience helped me develop strong skills in communication, delegation, problem-solving, and working efficiently under pressure to meet tight deadlines.